Stories that matter

Merav Richter, a book mentor helping speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and other rebels, features in the first instalment of business stories about people in small businesses who matter to you and me.


Customer journeys

We all know how PDFs look on the smart phones. One has to pinch and stretch to make any sense out of it. The monthly newsletter sent out as a PDF can be transformed into an engaging communications with interactive and animated charts! How can the same content be presented in different ways.


Engaging communications

Responsive image

PDF vs Responsive content

Zero Print: Increase your email reach Why subject customers and prospects to existing design constraints? This is a comparison between … PDFs [Portable Document Format]

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PDF newsletter

Financial newsletters

Zero Print: Increase your email reach Why subject customers and prospects to existing design constraints? This is a comparison between … PDFs [Portable Document Format]

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Integrated publishing

Integrate content across devices and platforms

The traditional process is to have different workflows to tackle designing for print, website, and apps. This can be combined to create a cohesive workflow process reducing the resources to one third.


The world's gone mobile
Have your designers adapted?
87% of email is read on mobile
Our creative approach also needs to adapt
Lose your customer on mobile.

And you lose them everywhere
Our promise
Design flowing across form factors
Our promise
Unifying reader experience across devices
Our promise
Ability to track and monitor audience behaviour
This will impact
Every customer interaction point
Interactions including
Newsletters. Brochures. Catalogs. Flyers. White papers. eBooks. Corporate magazines.

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Travel And wild life

Hand on cheetah's head

Adventure books

The trip to Zambia was a lifetime opportunity. From landing in Lusaka to living in the sugarcane farm, standing precipitously close to the thundering falls, walking with the lions, lounging with the cheetahs, and living in a game park amid wild animals.

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Rubbing a lion's belly

Walking with the lions

Walking with the lions I”ll scratch your belly. Hope you don’t scratch mine! They do not understand any language, so just keep talking! Holding the

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About life in general

“Take a hike”, she said

The news of the virus lurking outside Arun’s doorstep consumed his mind. At times, it drove him lonely, irritated, frustrated, and rebellious; generally mad. The worried thoughts also expanded the horizons of his body.

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The tea shop

Arun’s life was simple and uncomplicated. At 17 his only worry was about studies and marks in the ninety percentile. Sometimes pocket money also entered the inner core of his persistent thoughts.

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Nature’s brush strokes

The celestial dance of nature before the shimmering leaves gracefully drop down to the forest floor, be one with the earth, and sprout again with a spring in April next year.

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The man and the man-eater

Our African adventure jogged a few memories. Stories about my grandfather heard in bits and pieces. Some narrated by his sons, some gleaned from his diaries I stumbled upon.

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Temple of dreams

Getting the opportunity to be a part of building a traditional Krishna temple does not come even once in a lifetime. It did not appear in my wildest dreams!

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Is the pen mightier than the word?

When The Pen was born it was placed in an elegant coffin. As it came to its senses it found out that it was immobile, held in place around the waist by an ivory-coloured band in the middle of a ivory-coloured velvet-cushioned box.

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facade of building

Architect Story

Exploring trends with Architects in a post COVID world

24/7 Connected Services

Staying worry-ree with 24/7 Connected Services

Global Project

Predictive maintenance solutions for hospital in Finland

Global Safety Week

Home safe everyday

Great Place To Work

Happy employees lead to happy customers


The awards we receive are a validation of your trust


Social endeavours to help those in need

Customer Handover

Meeting customer commitments during the pandemic

Customer Touchpoints

Increasing customer commitments with two recently inaugurated facilities

Customer Interview

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